Network Leads - API Instructions

Post API Developer Guide

API Description

The instructions below describe how leads should be posted
through Post process and interpretation of the response message.

For any assistance, feel free to contact

Service: Moving

Request Method : POST

Version 1.0

Post URL:

Post Fields

Field Name Required Type Description
uniquekey Yes TEXT You will receive this from us
firstname Optional TEXT Lead First Name e.g. "John"
lastname Optional TEXT Lead Last Name e.g. "Doe"
email Optional TEXT Lead Email e.g.
phone1 Optional INT e.g. 8181234567
phone2 Optional INT e.g. 8181234567
fromzip Optional INT 5 digit US Zip Code
tozip Optional INT 5 digit US Zip Code
movedate Optional mm/dd/yyyy Date e.g. 06/24/2021 (mm/dd/yyyy)
movesize Optional INT Move Size in LBS e.g 4500
movesizetext Optional TEXT Move Size (text)
fromaddress Optional TEXT
toaddress Optional TEXT
fromcity Optional TEXT
tocity Optional TEXT
fromstate Optional TEXT
tostate Optional TEXT
fromfloor Optional TEXT
tofloor Optional TEXT
fromlevel Optional TEXT
tolevel Optional TEXT
fromapartment Optional TEXT Apartment #
toapartment Optional TEXT Apartment #
fromapartmenttype Optional TEXT e.g. Apartment Building/Private House/Other
toapartmenttype Optional TEXT e.g. Apartment Building/Private House/Other
ipaddress Optional TEXT
reference Optional TEXT (max 750 characters) 'Google AD'
comments Optional TEXT (max 750 characters) 'Please call me after 10am'
remarks Optional TEXT (max 750 characters) 'The client asked to call after 10am'

Move Size Text

Available options for movesizetext

Studio 1500 lbs
1 BR Small 3000 lbs
1 BR Large 4000 lbs
2 BR Small 4500 lbs
2 BR Large 6500 lbs
3 BR Small 8000 lbs
3 BR Large 9000 lbs
4 BR Small 10000 lbs
4 BR Large 12000 lbs
Over 12000 lbs

Post Responses When a lead is posted, a real-time response is sent.
The default response is in JSON format.
Upon success, a unique leadID is returned and upon failure, a self-explanatory error message is returned.

{ "result": "success", "leadid": "23324", "msg": "Lead Accepted" }

{ "result": "fail", "msg": "Error Message" }